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Convert Videos and DVDs to iPad software?


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May 10, 2010
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I posted this in the hacking section, but maybe this is just a general question.

I came across imtoo's iPad Mate and the trial version works great, but it's expensive, 60 bucks. This software can convert videos and dvds to iPad plus it can transfer ipad contents to computer.

it supports ipod and iphone too, so i can transfer my friends ipod music to my ipad, which is way cool.

i've search around the net, but just a lot of junk.

I looking for something like it but cheaper,
so before i fork out the 60 bucks, i just want to ask if anyone else is using something similar.
oh, and i'm using a pc
Thanks in advance
I know a freeware can help you convert dvd and video to iPad,
Aleesoft Free iPad Video Converter
hope it can help you.
thanks for the reply, but if you tried imtoo's then this aleesoft doesn't even come close, plus it keeps asking me to upgrade to the pro edition.

I guess you get what you pay for.

thanks anyways,

Ive tried them all, handbrake is the best....read up on the handbrake forums for settings and such.
I used Aiseesoft's DVD to IPad converter (34.99) and it could not be easier. The only thing I cant figure out is how to copy the chapter selection other than that it works great!

I now have Jaws, Back To School & Return of the Jedi on my pad :D

If anyone knows how to copy the chapters please let me know...right now I get one big file.
Do any of then programs mentioned, handle blue Ray discs as well?
No, i haven't found a software that supports bluray, hopefully in one of the updates.

Handbrake is cool because it's free. great dvd ripping tool, but it is a bit hassle to rip then transfer and get it to the right size and resolution, but can't complain too much, 'cause it's free.

I already coughed up the 60 bucks for iPad Mate,

I looked into some of the other programs, they all seem to work, but i like the added feature of being able to transfer stuff from ipad or ipod to computer. This way, i can get copy a friends ipod contents to my ipad.

anyways, thanks for all the responses.
So I see that people recommend Aiseesoft, which I was hesitant to buy. I already have AoA Ripper, which works fine for 640x480. But when I try to do higher resolution, like the H.264 HD, I can play it on iTunes on my Windows PC, but the iPad will not accept the file.

Have people successfully used Aiseesoft for HD on a PC? I don't want to buy it if it too won't work. Thanks in advance. Ciao for now...
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