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Connection difficulties to Wi-fi


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Jan 12, 2011
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new forest UK
I am new to using a ipad, I can connect to the internet in my home via a WAPencripted router, but unable to connect via a public wi-fi using WEP 128 encription. I am told that some people have connected using their Ipads or Iphones, but most cannot. Is there any setting possible in the ipad that is more likely to connect? My ipad was purchased 4 weeks ago, and is a wi-fi 14 GB model No MB292B, with 4.2.1 operating system. The router has been provided by Telefonica in to a club, and I have no control over any changes to the router, but I love to continue to meet up with the people there and use my Ipad. I recognise the safety issues relative to WEP, and hope that they will in time turn to WPA or later. I have had no previous experience of Apple products.:ipad-case::confused:

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