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Connecting to Audi MMI with AMI cable


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Jan 28, 2014
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Cannot get the IPad mini to connect to the MMI on a 2010 Audi A6 using the Audi AMI cable. The MMI is a 3rd generation. My objective is to stream Pandora music through the in-car stereo system. My ipod and itouch connect without any problem, and play the music on these two devices. An Apple Lightning to 30 pin device was purchased and I was told by an Apple tech that the ipad should connect without any problem. The ipad has the latest update, iOS7. Also made a trip to the Audi dealer for help. The person who is the expert could not resolve the issue. He was also able to successfully connect his iphone to the MMI and play the music he downloaded to his phone and also connect to Pandora and play music from Pandora.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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