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Connecting IPad to WIFI


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Sep 29, 2011
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Suffolk England
My Mate bought an iPAD3 but didn't follow the INSTRUCTIONS for setting up etc. Now his iPad will see his Modem but will not connect to it ( He obviously did not fill in Password correctly or even omitted to enter it. ) He lives 60 miles away and is pleading with me for help. I have gone through everything i did to set up my iPad2 ( SIMPLE) but just cannot get his to connect to his WIFI. His IP address, Subnet Mask etc is BLANK.

QUESTION...........how do I set the iPAD3 back to Factory Default and start all over again? ( I am guessing that this is the only correct thing to do. )

Please can anyone be of assistance? Thanks in anticipation.
If he goes into the Settings App>WiFi and picks his modem/router from the list he can choose to forget the network. This will then allow him to set up his connection from scratch.

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My apologies, I am asking about an iPAD3 and this is iPAD2 Forum...sorry for my error...hope you don't mind my "senior moment"
Success Gabriel. ...!! WiFi now connected OK using your method. Worked a treat.. Shame that he well and truly mucked everything else up by not using the correct procedure when setting it up in the first place. I have sent him back to Apple Store tomorrow to ask that they set it up for him and correct his errors and omissions. They had offered to do it all for him but being a stubborn old so and so he declined their kind offer..!!!! NUMPTY that he is.

Many many thanks again.
That is great to hear.....I'm certain that he is happy that he can connect now.

We all have to learn sometime, I knew nothing about the iPad when I joined this forum.

The Archangel

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