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cinexplayer and srt (subtitles) conversion for Ipad playing


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May 25, 2010
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I had terrible trouble getting subtitles in Chinese (my g/f is Chinese) on cinexplayer and hours of internet searching payed off so I think I should pass it on:-

This is on a Mac (should work on PC)

Software required:-

Built in TextEdit
MadEdit for MAC see site below:-

Any srt file found on subtitles sites

First copy the srt file
Second load the original srt file in TextEdit (if Chinese the file is OK); if gobbldyguk follow the rest of my instructions
Select All and delete All keeping TextEdit open with the original file name with no data
Then open MadEdit and open the copy of the srt file
It should be in Chinese (note the bottom right will show the encode, mostly Big5:DOS for example)
Select All and copy All

Go back to TextEdit and paste all and you will get a message saying it need to be encode to UTF-8 Unicode say yes and save the file with a .srt extension and untick the tick box below (this will overright the original file but that's OK as you still have the copy if you make a mistake).

This has worked every time for me.

Using iTunes load the avi, MP4, MKV (some sound failures on MKV movies), etc. plus the SRT subtitle file you save from TextEdit.

Additional note use Handbreak to convert the mkv to mp4 to avoid sound problems.

After loading cinexplayer select movie press cc button on the bottom of the movie playing and select the srt file for that movie (cinexplayer always crashes at this point) but go back in and select the srt file and then the encode button and select UFT8 and you should have good subtitles on your movie. You can of course drag them up top if you like by pressing on the subtitles and dragging them up.

Remember srt are text files so you can edit them and at this point I'll mention Jubler a must if you want to do a lot of work on subtitles. I open all my srt file with Jubler and this let me see at a glance all out the file, language and content. A trick for the girlfriend and/or wife/lover; suggest a movie on the Ipad for Valentines Day and Edit the subtitles with a suitable message!!!

Good luck and happy to answer questions.:)

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