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CIMO Black Leather Flap case


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Apr 7, 2010
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Anyone get one yet? I was wondering about the website it seems a bit confusing. PVC? Phone? and then one photo appears to have a picture frame type stand, and the other a larger flap. Is it leather? Does the big flap act as a stand? Can you fold the flap all the way back around? Lots of questions. :)
The item labeled 'Black Leather Flap Case For The Apple iPad' is in fact made from 'pleather'. Pleather is a slang term for synthetic leather made of plastic. It is lighter than actual leather and will not decompose as quickly as real leather. This type of synthetic leather used in our cases is made out of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

Genuine leather is just like your skin, you have to moisterize and condition so it will not dry out and crack. Where as a synthetic will stand up to dry weather much better, with less care. Over time genuine leather will expand and contract and may begin to sag or stretch, where as synthetic leather will not stretch. We also have to think about what impact the harmful UV rays from the sun will have on the product. Genuine leather over time will fade, as opposed to synthetic which will not.

Please excuse the 'phone' text. I guess one of us wasn't paying attention when writing the description. We'll fix that right up.

The flap does not act like a stand. There is a kickstand behind it (visible in 1, 2). The flap does fold back all the way (visible 3)

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