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Chillingo Launches Three New iPad Games and Comments on iPad 2


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Chillingo launched three new iPad games today, and at the same time Chillingo co-founders Chris Byatte and Joe Wee gave the following quotes about the iPad 2:

Chris Byatte said: “The original iPad has seen a significant rise in popularity since launch, and Apple’s iPad 2 announcements yesterday will drive consumer demand for tablet-centric game innovation.†Joe Wee added: “The iPad 2 has some significant benefits over the first generation device for developers, particularly the increased processing and graphics capabilities, which will improve the overall user experience and game presentation.â€

Always interesting to hear what the developers say as they’re the ones at the sharp end. Now onto those games!

First up we have Big Boss, which looks loads of fun, and gives you the chance to create your own monster and rampage around the Kingdom of Trogon with your creation. The more mayhem you create, the more coins you’ll earn to make your monster even more gruesome and terrifying. Click here to download the iPad-only game for $1.99: Big Boss for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Or here for the Lite version: Big Boss Lite for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Next we have Food Processing HD, which seems to borrow a little from Fruit Ninja, as you have to slice and dice fruit and vegetables against an ever-accelerating conveyor belt. Seems pretty popular in the App Store already. Click here to download the game for £1.19/$1.99: Food Processing HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

And last but not least we have Play Kalei, a shape-finding puzzle game that generates kaleidoscopic patterns from photos and images. Simply drag your finger across the original picture to try and create a matching pattern. Has both single-player and head-to-head multiplayer modes, and is coming soon for the iPad.

Source: Chillingo

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