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cheap anti-glare matte screen protector


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Sep 6, 2011
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Hello folks,

I am fully aware of the fact that iPads do not need screen protectors. They are scratch resistant. The problem is, since its glass, I can not read it in sunlight or under a lamp because of the resulting glare. I need anti-glare screen just to get rid of this glare.

There are tons on ebay. I wonder if anyone has tried and satisfied with their purchase? If I want the best one, I would just buy Zagg product but thats not what I want.

Some I have looked at and look ok are,

Ebay 1

Ebay 2

Any input appreciated.

(P.S. - AFAIK, the screen sizes of all iPads is same, except iPad 1, doesn't have camera, right? So any screen should be alright for my iPad 1st Gen..)

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