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CHARGE - Gone?!?


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Mar 25, 2010
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Atlanta Metro
Ok...this is wierd.

Apple did a charge on my CC on 3/12 (Apparently an authorization charge)
Then it disappeared a few days later....this is typical on a Pre-Authorization.

Then I was charged again a few days ago when they started charging everyone.

So, now I am balancing my bank account tonight and I notice I have more money in there than I should. After going through the charges, the Apple charge for 32G ($634.94) is gone. Almost like they did another Pre-Auth and it disappeared.

My order is showing In Transit with UPS. Still in CN (China) though.

Has anyone else seen this with your bank/credit card orders??? Hope there is no cause for worry!


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Mar 15, 2010
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I called Apple and they said they charge to verify funds but it falls off after 3 days...you probably had 2 cycles...the will charge the final amount when it ships..if it says its in china it hasn't really shipped yet. My UPS says it is at billing.

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