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Change Display Name on @me.com account


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May 18, 2012
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France, Boston, Hawaii
When I bought my iPad, somehow the Apple store set up my @me.com account with a display name which is my husband's. I think I am using the correct terminology here, but to make it clear, when I send a photo from my iPad (for example), the recipient sees the sender address as "RICHARD XXX <my email address>". I have gone to "Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars/Brenda's Email/Name" and the indicated name is my own. I erased it and reentered my own name, but this made no difference. The help desk at the Apple Store did something I could not follow on the iPad and said that would fix it, but the problem remains the same.

How can I change the display name to match my own so my contacts don't think that my husband is sending the email when it's really me?

I figured it out! On your iPad, go to Settings/iCloud. Click on Account when window pops up select Advanced/Mail and this will take you to iCloud Account Information - there you will be able to change your Name. After changing your display name hit Done! :) Hope this works.

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