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Change Default "Define" Dictionary Lookup to another Language--I want Latin on iPad 3


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Mar 29, 2012
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United States
I am on the fence about buying the iPad 3. I have a Kindle Touch and use the default dictionary for Latin. I can change the default by a simple change in settings so long as I have a mobi readable dictionary on the Kindle. I like the ability to go to various language websites on the iPad 3. The Kindle browser is too primitive to be of any use. BUT, I can find no easy description of a way stated anywhere about adding a Latin dictionary to iPad 3 and having it change the Define result to Latin lookup.

When translating Latin documents it is an enormous help to have the ability to just touch the screen and have a definition appear. Does anyone know if this can be done? And, what App, Latin dictionary, method is used to set it up. Someone said that installing an App called eBook Mobi would allow it to happen. Any expert on that out there?

Thank you.(If I am in the wrong part of the forum, excuse me. My first post and a total newbie to Apple World)

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