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CaseWise Slim Smart Cover With Back Cover Review


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Jun 19, 2011
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CaseWise is the latest addition to the iPad smart cover family. They provide quality products which combined good design and functionality. This Smart Cover with BackCover beats other cases in a number of areas:

1. The high quality leather style on the front gives a nice, elegant look. In my humble opinion, I think the leather style is worth trying for people who is keen on materials.

2. Slim design. Unlike sleeves or other slip-in cases, it is a snap-on case. The hard back cover on the back snaps onto the iPad at the four corner. Therefore, it is quite invisible on the front when you use your iPad. This is important, because you don't want to see your stylish iPad completely covered with a case. The minimalist back cover design is just right for anybody who doesn't want a case to hide your cute iPad.

3. Microfiber interior and hand-made stitching at the edge. I personally like the GREY interior, which not only gives you excellent protection, but also great looking and a touch of high quality. The stitching makes you feel the case is hand-made, not from impersonal mass-production.

4. The magnetic sleep/wake up functions works just fine. The three-fold design (like those from Apple) can be made as a stand in two different way (up-right or lying down).

5. The backcover has all the holes for jacks and connections, and also microphone and speaker.

1. Weighting at 12oz, it is a big heavier than Apple's original smart cover (due to its heavier material).

2. When you first apply the case to your iPad, you will have to push a bit hard to snap on to your iPad. ( it won't damage your iPad, but it does firmly grip the four corners and therefore requires you to make some effort to fit your case onto iPad).

Overall, it is a decent case with great look and quality and their pricing is quite reasonable.

Their products can be found on:

Casewise, definitive tablet accessaries store

[ame="http://www.amazon.com/CaseWise-Smart-Cover-Snap--BackCover/dp/B0056Z6QLQ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1309788844&sr=8-3"]Amazon.com: CaseWise(TM) Smart Cover with Snap-on BackCover for iPad 2: Electronics[/ame]

CaseWise(R) Smart Cover /w Snap-on BackCover for iPad 2 | eBay





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