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Cases that work with Full-Body Shields


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Jul 20, 2010
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Oceanside CA
Okay so I was just wondering what type of cases do the people out there that have full-body shields like Zagg, Best Skins, Ghost Armor, etc use on top of it. As many who have these shields know, not many cases fit over because they'll either fit to tight, or they end up ruining the shield.

I personally have BSE or Zagg shields on all my ipods and ipad to prevent scratching, and also throw a case over that to have it even more protected. Maybe im a little OCD about it, but I like having my ipad as protected as can be.

So right now I have a full body Shield on my ipad with either a Incipio Silicrylic case over it, or a Incase Silicone case.

I really recommend the incipio silicrylic if you have the full-body shield cause its both a silicone and hard plastic case in one. It protects my ipad very well, and slides in and out of my incase neoprene sleeve with ease.

Anyways if anyone else has other case experiences, please share. Im always looking for new cases to try and usually spend more money on accessories for my electronics, then the actually electronics themselves :).

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