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Aug 6, 2011
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Edmonton AB Canada
Apple's CarPlay system for entertainment and information on the road is gathering steam.

Over the coming months, I'll be looking at this and other vehicular solutions for those who want to take their iOS experience on the road.

Feel free to ask questions or offer information in this thread.

Diane B

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May 8, 2010
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North Carolina
We bought a Chevy Colorado truck last November (to pull travel trailer) and I was excited to discover it had Car Play. Since its the vehicle I drive I use it every day, am very happy with it, as easy to use as your Iphone or ipad. I did also link my Iphone to BT so I can switch without any issues--Car Play does cover the apps I would use in the car though--Maps is great on the biggish screen (its the screen I'm familiar with), I use Apple Music all the time, Pandora some, my Imessages and calls come thru fine, easy to make calls, TuneIn app allows me to access a lot of radio that I want to listen to--oh and Siri is great to use. It would be nice not to have to connect by cable but I suspect a conflict with the vehicle's BT but I keep a black Lightning to USB cable hooked all the time and just connect phone to it when I get in. Surprisingly (or maybe not LOL) I knew a lot more about the system than the dealer's digital guy.

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