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Carolina Shore - Ocean, Seafood, History & More!



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Apr 26, 2011
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North Carolina
As a follow up suggestion for the museum, they should consider an exhibition on the evolution of flight in mammals, leading to the many species of modern bats.
Flight has evolved separately at least four times, in insects, Pterosaurs, birds and bats.
Well, this is a traveling exhibit in part from the Yale Peabody Museum so may reflect their collection/interests (never been to New Haven, CT but have visited the Harvard Peabody Museum several times - great place!) - SO, just need some more sponsors to cover the other flying animals - I guess most people (i.e. those who think about the matter?) find birds as 'survivors' of the 'asteroid' impact 65-66 million years ago more fascinating (of course, unless you're an entomologist or chiropterologist - ;)) Dave

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