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Car Registration In AZ


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May 26, 2010
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Is outrageous.

I never had to pay that bs VLT before because I'm active duty, but my wife does...

And to register her 09 G8 for one year is like 500 dollars. Worse yet, we're moving to Texas in 5 months where registration is like 70 bucks, so essentially we're paying 500 bucks for 5 months of registration.

And yet despite all these exorbitant taxes (sales tax here isn't cheap either, like 7.9%) they are still one of the most mismanaged (financially) states in the country.

Just goes to show you, the more money you give the government the more they spend I guess.
do not feel bad ..to put car tags and registation on my smart car here in ca was little over $.1400.oo total out the door ..

so that broken down for the following areas-x-smog check {i bought the car in Az and drove it over here }-car tags-registation-state taxs on the car or someother form at the dmv there in modesto--ins{which was the cheapest out of the whole thing ..}
Yeah thanks for the PM...I don't need a temp tag to move a temp tag isn't going to get us close enough because we don't move until October. We're going to have to pay her registration and hopefully get a partial refund when we move.

We're going to retitle her car in my name only and perhaps avoid the VLT altogether.
or call the texas dmv tuesday morning and ask them how can i do this long distance registration to not have to pay the state for anything and have your tags mailed to you in az to be able to drive the car around intill oct time frame ..
You need to have a physical residency address in Texas you can't just register a car in another state randomly.

And we aren't moving until October and her registration for AZ is due this month so that will NOT work.

The ONLY option is to title the car in my name to save money. The ONLY.

It sucks, but that's life I guess.
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I retired from the Marine Corps 14 years ago and have missed the benefit of registering my cars at a deep discount everyone of those 14 years.
AZ won't reimburse you for anything. I had paid for a 2 year registration and ended up moving here to the Chicago area after about 6 months or so. I tried to ask if I could get reimbursed for just the 2nd year of the registration and they told me tough cookies...it's our money now. Said it was their policy to not reimburse regardless how long you need the registration for. Greedy bastids.
I bought a new 2009 Chevy HHR in CA, and after the first year, registration was $487. I highlighted to Texas, registered the car there for a whopping $59. I hate California political scene. They are going bankrupt and still spend like they have an unlimited bank account.

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