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Capture Lead to Booked Appointment


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Sep 15, 2011
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I co-own a small specialty contracting company and we have been using the iPad since its inception for project pic's, to sales presentations to project estimates. I am now going to split off and start a small division doing something very specific. New company, no overlap at all. Is there a iPad app that can allow me to capture a lead from a phone call where I could book an appointment with the prospect all from my iPad and have the appointment populate into a specific schedule? I will be on the road most all the time so my office phone will be forwarded to my iPhone. Prospect calls, wants to meet for a quote, I open the app, take their info, and book and app't which populates to a schedule. It would be great if after that prospect becomes a client, I could somehow use the collected info to dump into say a database system or Quickbooks for the accounting side of things. FYI, I plan on having a all Apple product based computer system. iMac, iPad, iPhone and Quickbooks for Mac.
Any help would be great and much appreciated


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