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Can't restore my iPad from iOS 5 beta 1 PLEASE HELP!


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Aug 16, 2011
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Okay I'm new here, I don't know much about the rules of this forum
And also sorry for my bad english.
Let's start

I can't restore my iOS 5 beta 1 after I knew that it has been expired since 4 august. Now I can do nothing with my iPad
I tried to restore iOS from iTunes but it won't work
It's said the iPad isn't eligible with the requested build.
So I tried tinyumbrella, then I pressed Start TSS Server
It won't work for me too
So I tried to change the hosts file on /etc folder (delete the gs.apple.com), it won't work (I'm using MacBook Pro)
I tried restoring from my PC, IT'S USELESS, the same case if I restore from my Macbook
I have no idea about this, please give me some idea! :(

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