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Cannot Play Movies


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Jul 1, 2010
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Hi Guys,

Could anyone help with with playing movies purchased from iTunes, I have a VGA connector to my TV, however whenever I try to play movies i get the following message: The Connected Display is Not Authorized To Play Protected Movies.

I don't want to buy new TV's just to be able to play a few movies?

The reasons for this error message are simple: Apple has started to support HDCP, “high-bandwidth digital content protection,†an Intel-developed way to stop high-definition videos from being played on older, less secure receiving devices. Virtually all VGA- and DVI connector-equipped external computer monitors sold in the past are non-compliant, so users of Apple’s latest Mini DisplayPort-based Mac computers will need to either watch the HD videos on the screens built into their computers, buy new, HDCP-compliant monitors, or transfer their files to an iTunes-authorized computer without Mini DisplayPort.
TCS-Limited. Very easy fix. Just remove the synced movie on your iPad. Then change your setting in iTunes to sync only SD (standard def) content. Then sync the desired movie. Movies from iTunes can be played thru the VGA connector in HD, but they can in SD. Good luck.

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