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Cannot get rid of a iTunes download on iPad 3


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Apr 19, 2011
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Irvine, CA
Somehow it keep trying to download this song that is not mine. I contacted support and it cleared the download queue in iTunes, but it is still listed (grayed out) in my Music App.

Thus it will constantly try to download even when cleared by Apple support from the queue. It will just re-add itself.

How do I get rid of it from my Music App?

iTunes on Windows does not list it. Because it is incomplete download I cannot deleted it directly from the music app.

Because it is not my purchase I do not have the password to complete the download.

Deleting all my music via Settings->Usage->Music does not fix it.

Deleting all my music via syncing with another iTunes library does not fix it.

even a restore from previous back up does not fix this.

While this is not a big deal the frequent prompting for user and password for a song that isn't even mine (thus I do not have the information) is very annoying. I am not sure how it even got on my iPad in the first place.

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