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Can iPad2 be connected to a WiFi printer


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Aug 31, 2012
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Hi all

I know that the iPad2 can print to an AirPrint enabled WiFi printer but is it possible on an ordinary WiFi Printer.

I have a Lexmark 4690 which has WiFi, I can print to this printer but only when my PC is turned on. Is it possible to connect to this type of WiFi printer directly just like AirPrint does. Is AirPrint the same as normal wifi on a printer or is it different so that it only works on a few HP printers.

If it is possible to direct print to my printer when the PC is off how do I do it.

Thanks for any help with this.

There are a couple lex mark printing apps in the market. Did you try those?

Yep, I downloaded both Lexmark apps and although they do print they will only print if the PC is turned on, so obviously they are printing through the PC and not direct to the printer, that's my take on it.


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