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Camera for iPad app


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Jun 7, 2010
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United Kingdom
A couple of days ago I bought the Camera For iPad app for 59p and it works a treat. You have to have the app installed on your iPad and also your iPhone. It gives you the second upload free to download to your iPad or iPhone.

Anyone else use this app?
there are a number of apps that do this.

I figure if I need to take pictures ill just take them with the phone and send them over to the ipad after.
I wish someone would find a cheaper way to add a camera to the iPad. Like a bluetooth webcam or something. An iPhone is pretty expensive for the quality of camera you get. It would be nice to be able to use iphone apps that use the camera. My bank has an iPhone app that allows you to deposit a check by taking a picture of it. There are all kind of uses for the camera beyond just taking photos that would be nice.
I use the Photobucket app on iPhone (and the one for iPad). Both free, and you can upload your videos from the phone to your photobucket account and then, once uploaded you can access them on your iPad.

I have 3G access on my phone and iPad so there's always an internet connection.
there are a number of apps that do this.

I figure if I need to take pictures ill just take them with the phone and send them over to the ipad after.

That's what I do but when I saw this I had to try it and it was good. Only thing is now is finding a use for it haha
would be nice if apple made a webcam attachment like the camera connector kit that you just plug into the doc.

That would be perfect, but I think Stevie would prefer we all buy iPad 2 next year sometime :D

I would be the camera adapter and then also buy the new iPad 2nd generation when that comes out.

Thanks steve for adding yet another thing that I have to save up for each year.
Glad to hear these camera apps work... I've just installed HDcam on both my iPhone 3gs vers 4 and iPad 64 3gs. When I try to connect both units just sit there looking at each other but not seeing. They both say they are searching for a connection but nothing happens and yes bluetooth and wi fi are on. Any ideas, p l e a s e.
Have you got the app both on iPad and iPhone? If not you need the app on both devices for it to work.
Not really interested in a camera on the iPad but would love a camera attachment on a longish lead.
Even better would be an attachment lead and app to plug in a digicam and see the camera screen echoed.
so no wifi camera or bt for the ipad? I've seen the web cam app on the itunes store but have not used it yet. I can see an ipad and wifi camera's being a useful tool for security, home related even.
I have a new iPad 2 that comes with the camera app. I have taken some video and wanted to trim it. The instructions say to move either end of the frame viewer, and then tap trim....but when I do that, I don't see where to tap trim. Help?

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