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Call KeyChain Acces API from client-side HTML scripting in Safari on iPAD.


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May 13, 2013
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I have a requirement where I need to add client-side scripting in an HTML page to be supported by Safari on iPAD that creates a private / public key pair and that creates a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) that can be sent to a certification authority server using form HTTP/POST that will then return the certificate.

I initially thought that I could simply use the HTML 5 tag <keygen> which can do exactly what I need, but unfortunately this tag is not at all supported on mobile Apple devices like iPad or iPhone, so I have to look for another solution.

I have noticed that the KeyChain Access tool is also available on iPad and that an API is available, but I have no idea based on the documentation whether the API can be called from client-side HTML scripting on iPad.

Question : is it technically possible using the functionalities and API's exposed on an iPAD to implement what I just described in HTML client-side scripting? If so, do you have some links with useful information that can help me on my way?

Best regards,
Davy Toch

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