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Buying new ipad from apple stores


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Nov 21, 2011
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Hope someone can help me on this cos none of my local branches of currys, comet, HMV, WH Smith, Asda Tesco etc will even admit that they will have the Ipad in stock on friday so will not let me put down a deposit or reserve
an Ipad at all. The only people that say they will have it in stock is the Apple store near me but even they are a bit cagey over it so I was wondering if there is anybody out there at all that knows when I should start queueing for it and especially if they are going to be opening at midnight at either all or selected stores.
I would be eternally grateful for any help and advice you offer.....

My nearest stores by the way are Manchester arndale and Trafford centre in case anyone is really in the know
Google whatever your local news source is for stories from the iPad 2 release and that will give you an idea of how things probably will unfold at your local Apple stores this time. For instance, if they had stories or images of buyers camped out last time, things probably will be similar this time.

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