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Buying an ipad in the UK

Yoshiki UK

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Jun 17, 2010
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I've been keeping an eye on the ipad's stock on the PC World website for a few weeks now, as I will want to get it at the end of this week or sometime next week, but for around 1 and a half to 2 weeks they have been out of stock in every store anywhere near me.

They do however have them for home delivery. Has anyone here ordered one from PC world and had it delivered? Just wondering how long you waited for delivery and if their service was any good. I have heard several bad reports of their delivery service and so am a bit wary of ordering from them.

I would order from the apple website but the wait is still 7-10 days, and if PC world delivered sooner it makes more sense to go with them, that is if in fact the ipads are in stock and not ordered in when they get your order.

I think you should just order one and accept it might not arrive for 7-10 days. Otherwise you will spend the next week looking at stock levels and may still not end up with one.

It'll be worth the wait :)
i have never had anything deleverd from pc world so i can not comment on there service, have you not got any apple stores in your area? maybe take a walk down and see if they can get you one :)
Yeah, I think I will order it from the Apple store. Or phone one that is about 30-40 miles away and see if they have any there. Because i can just see PC world having to order them in and giving me the run around. At least with apple I know it is 7-10 days.
well i just went into my local apple store on the off chance and asked for a ipad and low and behold they had every model in stock, so its worth a shot.
When I was looking for a iPad I phoned a few pc worlds with no luck till I phoned one pc world local to me and said they got a few in stock not knowing they just reopened as a megastore. But now there sold out.
Pc world in Peterborough had loads in last week. I'm now on my 3rd and they had no problem changing them. Just check them as they all had dust under the screen from the factory, I was not happy hence why I returned them. I've now got the 64 gb 3G model.

Love it, sold my iPhone 4 to get it:)

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