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BtStack Mouse, KB, Activator, & Insomnia - Problems


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Jul 13, 2011
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The BtStack Keyboard & Mouse issues have been covered, but nothing conclusive has been offered for those that can't get them BOTH working at the same time.

I have an iPad 2 - 4.3.3 JB

I have downloaded/installed both BtStack packages (including the paid version of Keyboard). I have installed Activator (problems with it occasionally - more later) and Insomnia (questions about it's control later)

I have followed (to the letter) the instructions from those who claim to have successfully activated both kb and mouse and intently watched a couple of videos which clearly show a successful activation of both - at the same time. On both of those - it's not clear if they were using iPad or iPad 2. That may be the rub here.

I can (just like the complaint of others) activate either one individually, and they both work - although the BtStack keyboard app does not function like the native BT Keyboard functioning... in that the onscreen keyboard comes up, covering half the screen and does not lower when typing on the BT keyboard. The native BT app and KB work so well, that the on-screen keyboard never shows. The video I've seen with BtStack KB activated, clearly shows that the on-screen KB lowers when typing on the external kb begins. (Doesn't happen like that for me).

The BtStack Mouse function without the KB is great. Using the MS 5000 Mouse, it is smooth and reliable - on its own.

When going through the sequence of activating both -- KB first, then Mouse next -- the problem I have is that the Mouse just never gets "Connected." It shows as recognized in the BtStack Mouse APP, but just sits there and never connects.

I've tried resets, reboots, restarts, and the result is always the same. (kinda wish I had an Apple Mouse now).

INSOMNIA.... how is it controlled, or even verified that it is active? And how is it turned off? I can't find any settings or controls for it anywhere.

ATIVATOR is having some kind of problem also. Frequently when I try to start it in Main Settings, it just causes that main settings screen to blink off and goes right to the home screen. I have to do some more testing to see what is causing that - such as what app(s) being open makes that happen.

My inquiry to the BtStack folks has gone unanswered... which is the same comment I read in another recent thread with this same issue.

I'm mighty happy that the Apple keyboard works just fine with the native BT function, but really dissappointed that the Mouse issue exists. There's a very good reason why I want both.

Anyone got any suggestions, or comments (not political or sarcastic, please)?

Thanks for reading this far.

Brian - Sent from my iPad using iPF
(( UPDATE ))

I managed to get both working twice - briefly. But, the fact of it is that this tandem mouse-keyboard thing, using BtStack apps, is troublesome, problematic, irratic, unreliable, and a pain in rear to make work even partially acceptably. The two times I have gotten them on together were very satisfying, but also very short lived. Either the keyboard will stop functioning, or the mouse pointer will freeze, and then it's all back to the frazzled attempts to get them working together again -- most attempts just being a failed waist of time.

So.... POO !! I have the apps, the mouse and the keyboard. If the maker gets the apps set to work well with each other, I'll be ready to try again.

Brian - sent from my iPad
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This morning - after having played with Insomnia, and then left the computer with the keyboard and mouse connected and working, I found the keyboard still active, and the mouse not. But, all I had to do was open the mouse app again and hit the discover mode on the mouse and it activated immediately. That was very promising and satisfying. Hopefully the issue is solved and settled.

Brian - Sent from my iPad using iPF
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I've abandoned this method. It's unreliable. However, your problem might be that one of the devices is paired with another Bluetooth device. For me, I spent hours working no this and came to find that my mouse was connecting to my laptop. Once I disabled Bluetooth on the laptop, I had few problems connecting. That said, in a meeting or lecture hall with hundreds of Bluetooth devices, results were spotty to put it kindly. Short on time, so I cannot go into detail. Anyhow, give it a shot.

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