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BSnl 3G roaming problems


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Feb 14, 2012
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I am using BSNL 3G in Tamilnadu Chennai Kilpak area its 3G sometimes , then goes to edge , then nothing only cellone its sucks ......always i have to off the cellular data then switch on to get 3 g network

I have travel to Mumbai twice it's not getting connect to Mumbai on mtnl or Dolphin respectively. Though I can see the full strength signal bars, I am unable to access internet - error message says your connection not activated. Has someone found a workaround for this?

Called Bsnl and Mtnl call centre no one can help very bad service....

I tried the same sim on my 2g phone, I am able to make voice calls!!!

Hope someone can tell me what to do!

Thanks in advance

PS: Neither 3G nor Edge indications were visible while roaming in Mumbai / Maharashtra
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