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browser question


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Mar 25, 2010
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ive heard that the ipad is basically running the same software as the iphone. i have a question about internet browsing. when i go to certian websites on my iphone, the default is to take me to a mobile version. Not all sites have the option to go to the full version of their website. if the ipad is "a new way to browse the internet" i wouldnt think you would be forced to view crappy mobile versions of the web. does anyone know if apple has done anything to prevent the ipad from pulling up these limited versions of websites?
it is a new browser...it all depends on the site, how it interprets the iPad's signature. On the iPhone Simulator in iPad mode most sites I went to did go to the full version, some went to the mobile version....the final browser might work differently, since the SDK has made a lot of changes since it first came out (like no sites went to mobile version in a previous version)...we're gonna have to wait and see..and also hope and pray that Opera browser is approved...not because Opera is a great (or even very good) browser...but if Opera is approved that means someone could release a Chromium browser! That is all I want!!

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