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Browser help please


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Aug 8, 2011
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St. Louis mo.
I have tried a number of free browsers and am having problem with them. When I set the browsers to "ID Browser as IE 6,7,or 8" and I try to go to my web page they keep giving me the error “Your browser is blocking popup windows. Please disable the popup blocker for ths site to work property.â€
I have Enabie Ad block = OFF. also Block Pop-ups are OFF in Settings for Safari.
Any ideas to try?
You'll have to go through the settings for the browsers in questions. The settings for Safari will only affect Safari.
Also worth noting that whilst these browsers will announce themselves as, say IE6, to a webstite, that does not mean that they can behave just like IE6 (or whatever you set). The browsers are all still running the safari engine underneath.
If a website developer has put some kind of peculiar test for a browser in their code that may well fail, even though you are telling it you are IE6... The obvious ones are where a website needs an activeX control...

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