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Broken screen iPad Mini A1432


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Nov 18, 2015
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My iPad mini screen broke. I ordered a replacement and installed it. But then the LCD wouldn't turn on. I know the iPad is on because when I plug it in to the charger, I hear the sound. I also hear the screen unlock when I slide the screen. But the lcd is black/off.

I tried ordering a new lcd but when I installed the new one, it still won't turn on. The charger still makes noise when I plug it but the new screen still won't turn on. Please advise. Thanks.


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Apr 26, 2011
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North Carolina
Well, really difficult to give specific advice not knowing your level of skill and experience in trying to repair the Mini - from your model number, you own the one shown below, I believe - you can look at the iFixit Guides for this particular device and determine if all of your steps were correct. According to the description below, Apple has discontinued the model this year, so if you cannot fix it, then a local reputable Apple repair shop might provide a 'free' estimate of the cost or depending on your budget, a newer model might be a better option (the hardware & software has changed considerably since the 2012 release of that Mini).

Now there are some members here who do repair these devices, so hopefully one or more will 'chime in' w/ further suggestions - good luck. Dave :)
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Dec 3, 2011
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You may have blown the backlight fuse when you reattached the screen after the repair if there was power on. Try looking at the screen under bright sunlight, do you see anything? If the backlight fuse has blown, but the screen still works, you should be able to faintly see images on the screen when the iPad is turned on.

Unless you are very good at micro-soldering on circuit boards, you shouldn't even attempt to replace the backlight fuse.

BTW, any repair by Apple itself is out of the question as Apple will not touch any device that's been worked on by the owner or an unauthorized repair centre.

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