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BRAVE GHOST - why don't I see 60 levels although I finsihed level 1-10


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Mar 13, 2012
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Can anyone help? I have got 3 stars on all level 1-10 of Brave Ghost, and then a message appears asking me if I want to unlock all levels, so I click on 'All Levels' . I understand there are 60 levels to play, but my ipad keeps showing Level 1-10 only , and not 1-60. I watched the tutorial and it showed a screen showing all 60 levels, well no matter what I tried, only the 10 levels appear. Anyone can advise or help?
Typically if an app asks you if you want more levels, they're actually asking you for more money to unlock the levels.

So a 99 cent app could very well be a $2+ app if you want everything.

Watch out for those kinda apps. They can be a bigger money drain than you think.
I see what you mean

it was because I got to download the FREE APP so it stops after Level 30. Had I bought the 99cts App, I would have got to unlock the rest by paying for upgrade. Thanks for your help.

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