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Borders Launches iPad and iPhone eReader app and new Kobo eReader bundle


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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I’d actually completely overlooked Borders as a participant in the eReader wars, but yesterday Borders announced a couple of moves obviously designed to establish its position in the eReader market alongside Apple’s iBooks, Barnes & Nobles’ Nook and Amazon’s Kindle, kicking off with the news that its Kobo eReader, due out in September, will be bundled with a $20 Borders gift card, and double Borders Bucks that can be used towards a future Borders purchase. The price of the Kobo remains a competitive $149.99, and it comes with 100 free titles.

As well as announcing the new Kobo bundle, Borders also launched its free iPad and iPhone app, which offers the ability to browse and buy over a million eBooks. Readers can search by title, author, topic or keyword and enjoy automatic bookmarking, print quality resolution, smooth transitions between pages and chapters and customized fonts and type sizes – pretty much standard fare for any eReader these days.

Of course Borders also has the advantage of being able to lure us in with other temptations, and is therefore playing to its strengths and offering customers a free coffee in its "Seattle’s Best Coffee" cafes when they show a Borders eBooks app on their iPad or iPhone/iPod touch.

“We’ve carefully crafted a digital strategy - one that combines a rich array of eBook content delivered to our customers how and when they want it. This strategy includes our newly released Apple app, eReaders that fit virtually every budget and a positive in-store eReader experience guided by our knowledgeable staff.â€

Mike Edwards, CEO of Borders

Source: Borders


iPF Noob
Jun 19, 2010
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What is the difference between the Kobo app and the Borders eBooks app?

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