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BookArc for the iPad


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Mar 23, 2010
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I couldn't resist. I've seen the BookArc stand for MacBook Pros, sleek upright holders to immediately dock any MacBook Pro to use at home with full size screen, keyboard. Then I saw a version for the iPad! It just came, with an insert to use w/o a case on your iPad and another insert if you have a case on your iPad. $39 Horizontal, vertical; can dock if want to while in use. I like to fall asleep watching movies on the iPad so a stand that will hold the iPad fully upright is perfect for me.
From another site I ordered a plain microfiber sleeve for the iPad ($19?) and one for my Nano to ($9?) to keep the screens nice and clean without any added bulk. Still enjoying the hand made fabric sleeve by Fabrix. I had no idea I'd get so excited with this device ... it's added a lot of spice to this old gal's life (i do love my technology). I particularly love the new 21.5" iMac i had to get for the iPad. Wow, what HD quality. Addicted to anime on Netflix. Gotta stop spending $$$ even if it IS good for the economy ;-)

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