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Blank pages in iPad


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Aug 25, 2011
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The background to these questions is that I prepare ePub ebooks for Circaidy Gregory Press. The process is that they send me the doc file and images, I markup the doc file as valid XHTML with an HTML editor, and package the files as an ePub which I validate with FlightCrew and ePubCheck and test read on my Sony PRS T1 and on my iPad2.

I have noticed that though the ePubs work well on my Sony the iPad inserts a blank screen between each chapter or after each forced page break.

I have check some commercial ebooks on my iPad: some have the extra blank screens between chapters, and some don't.

My questions are
- what causes the unwanted blank pages between chapters?
- how can I stop this happening?

If it makes any difference I am using iBooks, and prepare the ebooks on a PC using Windows 7.

Regards, Alex

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