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Bill Gates Tells Larry King he likes the iPad, but it’s “Not Quite There Yetâ€!


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Jan 17, 2010
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Geek.com reports that when Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates was interviewed on Larry King Live on CNN on Thursday he said that Apple’s iPad is “not quite there yetâ€, because he said that it doesn’t have any “inputâ€, and is therefore not the sort of device that he’d want to take to a meeting. Coincidentally, he says that Microsoft is working on such a meeting-friendly device. Ah. Geek.com’s comment on the interview is pretty funny, they say that Gates can’t move beyond mice, and that he’s still thinking about mouse icons and cursors all the time. Crunch Gear’s take on the interview is pretty on-point and funny too, especially the following comment:

“Since when have Apple products lived and died by how well they do in the corporate environment? The average person doesn’t look at the iPad, and lust after all those Apps, but then say, ‘You know, if only I could bring this into my team meeting, then it’d be perfect’â€!
Gates was generally quite nice about Apple during the interview though and said he enjoys “sparring†with Steve Jobs whenever he gets the chance to work with him, so hopefully Jobs won’t be penning one of his “thoughts on…†open letters to Gates anytime soon!

By Maura Sutton, iPadForums.net
Source: Geek.com, Crunch Gear

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