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BGR Breaks It Down: Getting your iPad 3G to work in Canada


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Mar 18, 2010
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North Jersey

With the iPad's Canadian launch delayed until the end of May, we thought we'd give those with glowing hearts who made the trek into the home of the brave a hand in getting their new gadget up and running on one of Canada's four HSPA+ carriers. A lot of people have written in and put in requests for help — and with the dollar basically on par we're sure that we're going to get even more before the official Canadian launch — so we thought we'd do our part and help out our early adopting friends in the Great White North. Getting the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G up and running in Canada is as easy 1, 2, 3. As always, the nitty gritty is after the jump.

First off, you'll need to cut your SIM card to the dimensions of a Micro SIM. It sounds scary, but trust us when we say it's super simple (provided your mom hasn't forbidden you from playing with sharp objects). Once you're done doing that, toss your modified Canadian SIM into the Micro SIM tray and boot up your iPad.

Now make your way on over to Settings > Cellular Data and turn Cellular Data to “Onâ€. After about 10 seconds you should be connected to your poison wireless carrier of choice.


Now go to Settings > Cellular Data and click on APN Settings. Depending on which carrier you have a data plan with, you'll need to enter in something different. Here are the APN settings you'll need to enter for each carrier (remember to leave the Username and Password fields blank!):


APN: pda2.bell.ca


APN: fido-core.appl1.apn


APN: rogers-core-appl1.apn


APN: sp.telus.com


Guess what? You're now good to roll in a pretty exclusive club. Just make sure not to look like too much of a tool using your iPad in coffee shops, book stores, at the pub, in line at the pharmacy, etc., etc., okay?


BGR Breaks It Down: Getting your iPad 3G to work in Canada Boy Genius Report

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