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Best wifi router for iPad2 on TalkTalk broadband


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Mar 7, 2012
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Somerset, England
I need to choose a wifi router to suit my new iPad 2. I have not used wifi yet. I understand that many people have had a lot of trouble with iPad wifi connections, so I'm looking for a router that will do the job properly. I am not very technically minded but can follow simple instructions! I have TalkTalk broadband at about 4 Mbs.TalkTalk supports only the following wifi routers: D-Link DSL: 2640R, 2740R, 2680, 2780Huawei: HG 521 & 532, Echolife HG 5206Netgear: DGN 2000, DG 8346 V3 & above, DG 834PNPlease would anybody who knows any of these models tell me how suitable they would be for the iPad on TalkTalk?Thank you.


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May 8, 2011
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Dorset, United Kingdom
As you're new to this ill try and be as clear as possible. Are you sure that they're the only routers that are compatible, I've just checked the talk talk website and while it does have a list of routers, this isn't exhaustive. The ones they have listed are those that they offer support for, ie. you can ring them up and get advise using it if it goes wrong. If you are 100% sure that what you've posted is correct and that I am wrong please say and disregard the following information.

In my experience almost all wifi routers work with the various ISPs (Internet service providers) that are available across the UK. I personally get my Internet from Virgin Media but that is not at all significant. My current router is a Belkin (will fill in its name soon, can't tell you right now as I'm not at home). It has been incredibly reliable and rarely drops signal (and when it does it can be solved by simply disconnecting its power and then reconnecting). As for setting it up it is relatively simple to do, I have some experience with this sort of thing and got it set up in a jiffy, but judging by the instructions that came with it, you shouldn't have too much difficulty even if you've never looked at this so of thing in your life. When it comes to compatibility, I can guarantee that it is compatible with the iPad2, iPhone4S/4/3GS and 3 as well as the 2nd gen iPod touch, it's also with all the andriod phones I have come across in my household (which numbers quite high [relatives an friends coming over and using the wifi). If you're worried about the fact that talk talk don't provide support like they do for others, I can out your mind at rest. Belkin have a support section on their website that appears to be very helpful and they also have a couple of numbers for support on setting up and general help with your router. Price wise its probably slightly more expensive than some, but I always say 'you get what you pay for' and I can vouch for the fact that it's simple to use and set up, reliable and I have never had a problem with it to date (had it for over a year). It's done better than many other wireless routers I've had and I must say I'd recommend it to anyone.
On a side note I must warn you that most connections from ISP comes through your phone line, if this is the case you need a modem inbetween the phone line and the router so that the router can create the wifi signal. This is another reasons recommend the Belkin, it actually comes with a modem built in which means everything is done for you and you have far less wires and connections to worry about. The router also comes with connections so that you can connect it to a computer with a wire rather than wifi if you feel the need (cable is faster than wifi due to the encoding that must happen for a wifi signal to be created).
I hope I haven't overloaded you with too much information and that I've been of service to you. If you need any help don't hesitate to ask :).
Best of luck!

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