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best iPad apps for students


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Jun 26, 2010
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I would like to purchase the iPad as an enhancement tool for undergraduate study at university.

There seem to be a multitude of apps available on the iPad to make life sweeter for the student.

If you are a student using the iPad, any recommendation on the best or most helpful apps would be very appreciated!:D

For starters is there an app available yet that surpasses "pages" to better cater for academic essay writing? ie, an app that includes correct formatting of footnotes and includes word count etc?
Hi, i am also think about buying an ipad when i start my master next year.
I really like the idea of using the ipad as an endless notebook (you know the book of empty papers you can use to write stuff on). I am a complete mess with keeping all my paperwork together so an ipad would be a great solution because then all my paper is saved in a computer instead saved in the under side of my bag.

Because i am studying mechanical engineering i am not interested in writing down letters. I actually need a fast way to write formulas and draw vectors and stuff.

I have read about an ipad application that can be used to draw in so i know the ipad has the possibility to to do this.

BUT, can i really use an ipad to make sketches on? does it work with a pen? (a speciallized sceen pen ofcourse) and the biggest question, can i really use it to draw on as a 'paper' because when you draw with a pencil on a paper the side of your hand also rests on the paper, isnt that a problem if my hand rests on the touch screen? is the ipad smart enough to see the difference between large touched faces (from the palm of my hand) and pressing points of fingers?

another thing is that i find it really STUPID that those people at apple did not put the most important connection port on the ipad... the USB port... i think this is a major fail of the ipad.... is there the possibility of an ipad with a usbport in the future?
if that is not known, is there any other way to connect usb stick to this machine ?

plus, does anyone know of the ipad can be used as a midicontroller for programs such as traktor scratch (please do not refer me to the ipad dj broad), could the ipad be used as a drawing tablet when i use photoshop on my MBP ? and could it perhaps be used as an external monitor for my MBP ?

thank you all :)

bye enjoy your ipads :)
Are you right handed or left handed? If you're a righty, you will have no issues whatsoever. Penultimate has wrist protection built in. It just doesn't work great if you're left handed like me.
quote MEMEs- "could the ipad be used as a drawing tablet when i use photoshop on my MBP ? and could it perhaps be used as an external monitor for my MBP ?"

hi MEMEs I stumbled across this app on the apple US website that enables your ipad to be used as a wireless display for your mac. it is called 'Air Display'. quote from the site -"Air Display not only gives you a wireless computer screen extender, but also works as a tablet input device. You can use your finger to draw directly on the screen's surface. Try it with a Mac calculator app, painting tool, or music control surface!"

heres a pic http://a1.phobos.apple.com/us/r1000/003/Purple/6b/93/27/mzl.wkshgkpi.320x480-75.jpg

here is the link to the page
Air Display for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

hope this helps:)
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I use istudiez pro to keep track of the chapters I have to read and the work I have to do. Out of the 26 apps I have for students I like it the best. I also use iTunes U the last I download was to help with my java class so there are tons of things to help it just depends on what you are studying.
I have a few suggestions about apps for college use.

CourseSmart has an app for textbooks and Vital Source is coming out with a full app in August. I prefer Vital Source for my textbooks because they let you download to two devices and the quality is great.

I have the Sketchbook Pro app and I noticed that they have lined paper, graph paper, etc. if you need that. It's not primarily a note taking app, but I could have used the graph paper last semester.

I've only had the iPad for a few weeks, so I am still looking at apps myself.
wow guys thank you for your answers this helped me alot!

ist also a bit negative to get those replies because it means i need to collect the money to buy the device :p

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