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Best Buy's iPad Launch Day Plans Released


iPadForums News Team
Feb 13, 2010
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MacRumors has word that Best Buy will be selling the iPad on launch day, April 3rd, but only at its store-within-a-store locations that sell Apple products. These are the roughly 675 Best Buy locations that have a dedicated Apple products section within them.

Best Buy has no plans at this time to open for business any earlier than usual on that Saturday of the iPad's launch. If you are planning to purchase an iPad at your local big blue retailer be sure to check their regular business hours before heading out. You can be sure that more than a few stores will have lines, especially in those metros that do not have an Apple store.

MacRumors goes on to note that Best Buy apparently has plan-o-grams that show a total of four iPads on display. What remains to be seen is what the fourth iPad is. It could simply be that they're going to have four of the wifi models in various memory sizes available for demonstration, yet there is some speculation that the 3G model might be ready to display at this time as well.

As is always the case with Apple new product launches, we will just have to wait and see how this all pans out. Just one more week!

Source: MacRumors
I wish I had some friends that worked at Best Buy :) Do you think they will receive their iPad shipments on the 3rd or before?
It most likely will be that Saturday morning, if not the Friday before. Apparently the Best Buy folks are being trained on the device on the 3rd before the store opens.
Has anyone heard if Best Buy is accepting pre-orders?
Bestbuy ipads

Hi i called my best buy in Sierra vista arizona and they will have them available at the launch date, because i live in a small town this is awesome i dont have to order or i hope wait in along line for the ipad:)
i forgot to ask if they are going to sell the cradle at the store but ill find out :)
That's good to hear! We need someone to call their local Best Buy and see if there's any way to reserve one somehow. If not, I wonder if they know at this time how many are on the manifest for their respective stores.
Well by this picture leaked to Engadget, it seems there will be the 16, 32, and 64 GB versions available at Best Buy on launch day along with a slew of accessories.

Have a look:

Best Buy's iPad playbook is certainly looking legit at this point. Our tipster sent us another two screenshots (they're after the break) showing off BB's new retail display which includes the iPad. Interestingly, they also tell us that the iPads are set to be delivered to stores on the night of April 2nd, and that quantities will be limited to about five of each model on launch.

Wow, 5 of each model for a whopping 15 units per store... get in line early people!

Link - Engadget

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