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Best Buy to Offer a $100 Discount on Apple Watch


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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If you were shopping for an Apple Watch during the Black Friday shopping bonanza in the United States, then you probably remember Best Buy offered one of the best deals on the Apple Watch, discounting the stainless steel version by $100 and the Sport version by $50.

Now a fresh report coming from the Re/code publication says that the big retailer is going to come up with an even better deal. Thus, starting this Wednesday, the retailer is said to drop the price on both the stainless steel Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Sport by $100.

It seems that Best Buy plans to offer discounted Apple Watch models through Christmas, so if you are looking to get one, now might be the perfect time.

Best Buy currently has in stock several stainless steel and Apple Watch Sport models and the discount will apply to all of them. Thus, the entry-level 38mm Apple Watch Sport will be priced at $249 and the entry-level 38mm stainless steel Apple Watch will be priced at $449, down from $349 and $549 respectively.

Source: Recode

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