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Bejewelled iPad

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Jun 16, 2010
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I like game on my phone, thought it be a good time killer for the iPad. A Google search says Bejewelled 2 for the iPad was released but the iStore has only the iPhone version. I do not like running iPhone apps on my iPad, in 1X it looks strange, 2X fills the screen but looks bad. Is there going to be a iPad version?
I haven't heard anything, but it is fun on a touchscreen - I play the Windows version on a conventional tablet.
I play Bejewlled 2 on my iPad in 2x mode and it looks just fine. I'm not sure an iPad version would make much of a difference. Until they release an new version I'll keep playing the current version because it is my favorite time killer.
I will stick with my touch/iPhone version for now.

Popcap have already forced me to buy multiple version of Bejewelled (PC and iPod), Plants Vs Zombies (PC and iPod), and Peggle (PC, iPod, DS, X360 - yes, I like Peggle. But so does my wife and son lol).

If they release Bookworm Adventrues on iPad, I might as well just buy shares in the damn company.

But back on topic, I think all they could do with a dedicated iPad version is make it look prettier - maybe finally get round to updating Blitz so it matches the Facebook version.
I'm sure they will make a iPad version as it's one of their more popular games. They must have noticed that PopCap's Plants vs Zombies is still in the top 10 grossing apps.
Look for Bejeweled HD. It's for the Ipad. My wife and I both have it. It's great and addictive.

Thank you for posting about this newer version of this app but as this is an old thread and the Member has not been back we will now close this thread

......Thank you for your understanding

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