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Battery life on ipad2 after ios5.1


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Mar 10, 2012
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Does anybody fells any change on battery life after upgrading to 5.1 ?
Hi D1A...

I am going to move this to General Discussion. You have currently posted in the iPad Poll section, where you probably won't get as much attention. :D

Also, I have not experienced any battery issues since I have updated to 5.1. I did it on Friday afternoon--and it is seems consistent. Hope that helps.
Yep, I definitely have the idea that I need to recharge more often after updating to 5.1
I never had a problem with charging or battery life before the 5.1 update but so far it hasn't affected anything negatively. Actually, it seems the same to me.
No problem for me either...I even wondered if it was a little better since the upgrade but that might just be wishful thinking!
No discernible battery diff on iPad 1, iPad 2, iPhone 4S or iPod touch 4 since upgrade to iOS 5.
I actually upgraded to 5.1 because it was supposed to give better battery life. Now the charge seems to drop like a stone, quite the converse of what I was expecting.
Haven't noticed.

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Haven't noticed anything major. Think this iPF app beats up the battery though haha

My battery about an hour ago was around 75%, now check it out. Although I did upgrade OTA

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Well I charged my iPad last night, began using it about 11:30 am. Have been on this site and a few others off and on today-I am now at 77%. So with all this talk about recent battery drainage since the recent update, I will pay more attention.
I haven't noticed on the iPad . On my iPhone , for me battery life has always been ok but since the upgrade it's really good :)))

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