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Basic safari question


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Jun 14, 2010
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I am about a week into my iPad and I have a question. When in safari I google espn and the page loads. When I go to another app or shut it down the next time I open safari it opens to the last page I was on. Why? I cannot figure it out. Suggestions?

Also can I set a permanent home page like I can on my computer? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
There's not really a home page on the Safari app. If you really don't want the page to stay open what you need to do is hit the window button and X out of all the active windows. Then the next time you start it up it will basically stick you at a google search.
Yeah, the safari browser remembers what pages you had open and displays them the next time you open it. It also is always running in the background so if you load an audio stream in safari you can close out of it and still listen while opening something else.
home page

just got my new ipad and wanted to have a home page so I went to my google news page in safari and then hit the bookmark add and then added google news as an icon on the "home screen"

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