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Backing up and sync with new computer confusion


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May 21, 2011
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I called apple to ask how to do a simple backup of whatever is now on my iPad. Taking every caution to not delete what's on it already.
Actually no music or video only mostly PDF files stored in iBooks. These are business catalogs that I brought in via emails to iPad and opened
In iBooks or readdoc,etc. Since it's a new computer taking over from a broken laptop that didn't have all the files from an earlier backup
A usual replication would not fulfill the job, as I added files to the iPad afterwards via the email transfer. They say it can't be done and suggested a third party program. One that wouldn't be so paranoid about copyright on purchased media. Well there is no purchased but just my own data for business use.

Does anyone have a suggestion to get around this? I gather the iPad is really not a business machine but more an entertainment gadget
To listen to purchased music, etc. Hope someone can restore my hope that this can be solved otherwise we sell and move on

Thanks in advance
Is your broken computer broken to the point that you cannot backup your iTunes to an external hard drive? If you can, you should be able to restore the iTunes to your new computer.
If you google, it will come.

There are lots of third party software solutions to this and if you search these forums (the search tool on our website tends to give better results than the one in the app) you will find a number of discussions with software recommendations.

As a precaution you may want to think about backing up your internal HD on your new computer to an external HD, they are cheap now and if you back up as a bootable clone then you would be good to go instantly you can get to another computer.

I hope it all works out for you.

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the pc wasnt up tp date with all that was on the ipad.
i think the 3rd party is the only saviour but wish it was apple
Try setting up a free DropBox account and save your documents there first...there is DB ap to help with this.

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