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Baby Wonders Why Magazine Can’t Be More Like an iPad!


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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This is one of those truly cute videos that can’t help but go viral, so it’s no surprise at all that “A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work†has managed to rack up over two million views since it was uploaded to YouTube 10 days ago. As TUAW notes, the video shows a one-year-old baby who is more savvy with using an iPad than with a magazine! In the words of the uploader and proud parent:

“It shows real life clip of a 1-year old, growing among touch screens and print. And how the latter becomes irrelevant. Medium is message. Humble tribute to Steve Jobs, by the most important person: a baby.â€

First thing that strikes me about the video, is how brave people are to let children (and animals!) touch their iPads! I won’t even let any other humans touch mine, but then that’s just me! Basically it’s just a very cool and cute video though, showing the baby handling the iPad with ease, and then trying to interact with an old-fashioned paper magazine in the same way, and getting a little frustrated that it’s not as easy to use! Enjoy.

Source: To a one year-old, a magazine is an iPad that doesn't work | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
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