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Awesome little speaker


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May 26, 2010
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For those of you with iPods, iPhones, iPads or anything similar that are looking for a portable speaker to take with you so when you are in a hotel with the AC blazing or something, you can hear it louder than the external speaker...look no further!

My wife and I were on a trip where we were in the hotel and wanted to watch a TV show on the iPad. The external speaker is pretty decent on the iDevices unless other stuff is going on, in which case, it's hard to hear ****.

So I wanted to find a small, portable, inexpensive speaker to take with me on trips just in case this happens and I found a great one!

It's called the x-mini, it recharges via USB cable (so no switching AA batteries etc), is small, and sounds pretty damn good for a small, inexpensive speaker. It works collapsed but you can also twist it and it sort of pops open like an accordion which makes it sound better.

Here's some crappy quality pics:




Here's where you can find it for 30 bucks:

[ame="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001UEBN42/"]Amazon.com link[/ame]
The X-Mini is famous in Singapore (the company develop it is SG based) i have an other set from them they are just perfect ….
Wow! That is one neat lil' bugger. Looking at the Amazon link, I found out they should last 11 hours - perfect for the iPad :D Also, you can "chain" them.

From Amazon:


Technical Details

  • Small Compact Design, Maximum Sound
  • 11 hour Battery Life
  • Volume Control
  • Connect Many Together For Maximum Sound

Oh btw, I have those exact Logitech desktop speakers on your desk :)
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Ok, mine arrived this morning and I think it has to be a must buy. You dont realise how 'light' the built in speakers are until you try this baby.
Damn I should have gotten a commission.
CyberGuys also has a nice little speaker(I bought one) $12.19, its called a orbit speaker,24 hours of battery life,re-charge with USB or charger.


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