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Autocorrect always put "Accents" in French... Any tips?


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Jan 17, 2011
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This is mostly for french speaking users, using the french keyboard on the iPad...

I noticed that when I write in french, using the french keyboard, the autocorrect will always suggest and replace simple words like "lance" for "lancé". This is pretty annoying as most of the time, written words can end with the letter "e" or "é"... This problem appeared in iOS 5.01 as it was not doing that before. I have the same issue mon my iPhone 4S, and previous 3GS also..

I disabled the auto-replace feature to avoid this issue since I do have to switch from french to english in my daily usage.

Same thing happens with "a" (have) and "à" (at). Every time I want to write a sentence like "Il a un iPad", I end up with "Il à un iPad" (He has an iPad, He at an iPad).

I tried resetting the dictionary, rebooting, etc... You know the drill ;)

Any ideas to fix this?

VicoPad addict!

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