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AT&T’s Remaining Unlimited Data Plans Can Be Carried Over to iPad 2


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Those iPad 3G owners who are still enjoying $30 per month unlimited data tariffs on AT&T can relax safe in the knowledge that should they upgrade to an iPad 2, they can carry the same data plan over with them, according to Engadget. To recap, the plan was offered to early iPad adopters by AT&T last year, but soon withdrawn and replaced with a data cap option. Anyone that bought an iPad before June 7 2010 was allowed to keep the unlimited data plan, and now it would seem that the lucky devils will also be able to carry the plan over to the new iPad, should they choose to buy one. These unlimited data plans seem everlasting for some people! Maybe AT&T should think about relenting and giving everyone the same unlimited plan rather than just a lucky few, it would make them incredibly popular!

Source: AT&T to allow grandfathered unlimited iPad data plans on iPad 2, your weekend rave to continue -- Engadget

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