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AT&T U-Verse app allows streaming for U-Verse customers on iOS!


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Mar 15, 2010
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Oh wait, it's AT&T, which OF COURSE means there's a catch!

I got an email this morning announcing a new U-Verse app that allows you to watch shows on your iDevice! Hooray, it's about time! I mean I pay $130 a month for cable and Sling won't get off their ass and release a real app...so finally I can watch shows on my iPad that I already pay for!

Oh wait...I should have known...since it's AT&T and nothing comes from them without a catch here it is!

It only works on the iPhone with AT&T phone service....and here's the genius part! You aren't allowed to use their network to watch it!! That's right...it's wifi only! So you can't stream over AT&T's glorious 3G network...yet you are required to have their crappy service in order to use a wifi only cable service?!??!?!? Explain the logic here...besides trying to take a hold of 2 markets (which they are really losing on both sides).

Stop being greedy SOB's AT&T and throw your overpaying customers a damn bone for a change!!

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