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I don't know why it doesn't show in the App Store on the iPad, but I can go to the store in iTunes, search for it and it appears. The cost is $0.99 (USD) and it's an iPhone app (which means, to use it on the iPad, you'll have to 2x the size up). I didn't buy it - but it should be a simple purchase, download and then sync process.

So, it appears you can get it via iTunes only. Good luck.

It doesn't show up because the description does not list the iPad as being compatible. That said, it may not be compatible, even in emulation mode. At any rate iTunes probably won't let you install it on the iPad, even from the computer.

Most iPhone apps list the iPad as compatible. I've never tried to load one on the iPad that did not, so I'm not 100% sure that what I am saying is correct. It's your 99 cents to risk.

The app can use SMS, so maybe that is why it is not listed as iPad compatible.
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I have Whatsapp on iPhone and when I tried to load it on iPad, it said it wasn't compatible. There's an iPad version in the works maybe, because there's a website where you can sign up to be notified. (Find via Google.)

I've read that there's a way to load it on iPad, but I seem to remember it involved jailbreaking. Not sure, but that info also is findable via Google.

It's a great app. Lets you text to lots of different kinds of devices, overseas and domestically.
Which drives me to mention an interesting thing I found about the App Store and the iPad:

When I went, on my iPad, to the App Store to search for this app, my search displayed "1-6 of 7" apps, but when I pressed the "see all" button, the iPad only displayed four apps available. The same occurred if I looked for iPhone apps. It never occurred to me to look for the little plus sign, which is why I went to iTunes...

I have never seen this before - but I think it's pretty neat/interesting that the iPad, while telling you how many apps there are, will only display the compatible ones. It's protecting you from yourself!

But, that's my reasoning for not noticing this app won't play on the iPad.

And I'm sticking to it! :D

It's not the plus sign that tells you if it's iPad compatible (though all plus signed apps are by definition compatible). You have to view that app description and look under Requirements in the left column; where it will list the devices and iOS version required.

The plus sign means it is a universal app; that the display will adapt to whatever device it is on so that you don't see it small, or have to use the x2 option when using the iPad.

But I think you may be right about the way the store sometimes tells you there are more apps than it shows. I'd noticed that before, but just chalked it up to a search glitch.

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